Copywriting and Corporate Image

At the basis of image
Building an image is a complex process that has no set rules. Yet, al professionals agree that the basic elements of image are set in two principals:
• Verbal concept – copywriting and marketing oriented writing
• Designing concept – visual design (shapes, colors, fonts and more)
Both these elements constitute a skeleton and back bone on which the image shall come to life.
Via focused and smart advertising, the image shall transform to a live being, one that draws clients to buy, sell or join the customer's club through their emotional world, mental world or even a combination of both.

Marketing Oriented Writing and Copywriting – Copying the Same Thing
In Hebrew there is a vast variety of meanings to the term "copywriting". These days, the common meaning is raising ideas. Meaning, the copywriter is the backbone of the brand, campaign and creative design. The copywriter's aim is to light the spark, the central idea, or, if you will, the point of the entire creative system.
When a copywriter serves a marketing idea that can be put into words, it is easy to bring it into life.
Not unintentionally, many leading managers of creative divisions in leading advertisement companies were originally, copywriters.

Marketing Oriented Writing – Image's Mouth
The potential client is exposed to an insane amount of stimulations and advertisements.
In order to stand out, over all other competitors, you must develop a verbal concept which suits your target audience perfectly. Precise marketing oriented writing achieves these strategic goals rather easily.
For example, a text which focuses on teens as its target audience should be written in a contemporary language, and at times even use slang. If you wish to be innovative, you should develop a new language or slang that would enter your clients' consciousness and shape its own space.
As opposed to that, when addressing golden age customers your language should suit their generation. Thinking forward could help you use common expressions of different congregations and countries of origins when you advertise different products.
The basic principle is clear, the verbal concept is the mouth expressing the words which touch the client's heart and help him execute the action we wish him to do.

Catching Words – Touching Consciousness
A client, who is caught in your words, is a client whose consciousness you've touched. In the first moments when a client meets the products, he forms his opinion and develops a gut feeling. This is the reason why an advertisement text must be precise and contain all the words which would make the client, be intrigued, smile, surprised – anything that would touch him and set him into action. A client, who is caught in your words, is a client you earn.

Two and a Half Sentences "Tops"
Whether we are dealing with a simple ad or a large campaign, words are the top priority in forming the image and creating first and long lasting impressions of the brand.
When you design an image, it is extremely important to build it from its foundations to the roofing beams, from the verbal concept to the finished design.

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