Copywriting and Marketing Oriented Writing

Ignition is not just a 4X4  
Copywriting is a profession designed to set people into motion by the power of words.
The copywriter's job is to write a catchy and witty message, designed specifically for its target audience. A message designed to create a positive effect: buying, selling, and providing services, joining a members club and other options.

Suit your Audience
Marketing oriented writing, at its best, suits its target audience: a message designed to approach women or men, adults or young people, shall be articulated in a manner which suits the group age and designated market segment.
A serious copywriter must be creative and keep an open mind, updated with current trends on the one hand, and defined enough on the other, in order to create new ones.

It's All in Your Head
Many researches have found that we are exposed for approximately 6,000 messages each day. Newspapers, billboards and the internet overflow us with direct and indirect messages. In order to remain in the consciousness of the audience you must set a sharp, clear and noticeable message.
Impression is what determines which product or service the consumer takes home. And that is, without a doubt, the bottom line.

Image Design, Marketing Oriented Writing and Copywriting
At the creative level, an image is designed by combining visual messages with verbal ones.
The texture, individualizing a certain image is always bound to the right combination of visual messages on the one hand, including colors, font types and different effects, and the verbal messages on the other, being under the copywriter's responsibility.
When designing a marketing image, create a campaign or a commercial, the copywriter is in charge of the verbal message which the company wishes to send. As an integral part of the writing process, the target audience, advertising tone and the concept, individualizing the company or product, are all taken under consideration.

Why is He Jumping?
A vibrant copywriter always has new ideas popping into his head. This is the nature of a profession committed to:
• Inventing names for companies and products.
• Writing catchy and memorable slogans.
• Writing marketing or imaging content for web sites.
• Accurate articulation of company or product profile and vision.
• Writing advertisement mails and newsletters.
• Presenting central themes for commercials, catalogues, banners, mini-sites and full scope campaigns.

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