Writing a Company Profile

What is a Profile?
The profile is the verbal description of a product, brand or company.
When one wishes to write a company's profile, the first important thing one must pay attention to, is remaining loyal to the chosen marketing and advertisement strategy.
All of that, in order to verify that the profile reflects the marketing goals, fits the brand values and speak to the target audience.

An Invitation to Sharpen the Marketing Message
Formulating a profile is a golden opportunity to sharpen the marketing message with only a few paragraphs. This is a tremendous advantage, since there is no restriction, limiting the message to one sentence (such as a slogan) or a single word (such as a brand name).
While writing a profile, a natural opportunity is created, enabling you to invent, compose and form the brand values; thus, allowing you to create a brand image, which mirrors and strengthens the marketing strategy.

What should one write in a company profile?
There is an unlimited number of possible ways to write a company's, brand's or product's profile.
When writing a company's profile, it is essential to focus on the aspects you wish to emphasize, the company's strong sides and its advantages in comparison to other competing companies. For example: in case the company has a long history and a flawless reputation in its business field – it should be noted. On the other hand, when marketing companies that do not posses these advantages, one should overlook these aspects and focus on other areas. The golden rule is to state the positive only, and emphasize it, staying focused and sending a clear and precise message.

Does “Size” Really matters?
The profile can be short and consist of one or two paragraphs, just as it can be long having a number of elaborated sections. When one wishes to enable the reading process, the profile should be divided to different sections, while each has its own title. Each title should encapsulate the essence of the section. Thus, there is a higher probability that the readers will remember the main points. In addition, this structure would enable internet search engines to find the relevant titles more easily and present the brand on a higher ranking in the search results.

How Much Weight Does the Marketing Tone Carry?
When one writes a company's profile, the chosen marketing tone carries a massive amount of weight. The marketing tone is expressed in the wording, rhythm and vocabulary which construct the profile.
The profile can be written on a personal or corrective note; in first, second or third person; as a scientific, factual, academic, light, funny and maybe even an emotional description – all depending on the professional field to which the company or product belong.
Since there is no written set of rules, and the game can be reinvented every single time; one should set free of the banal comparisons, once the business ecology allows it. This method creates a stronger impression, one that touches and activates the audience.

Seconds Anyone?
The information provided in the company's profile can be enriched with a variety of additions. For Example: one can include the company or product's vision or goals. Some profiles explain the origin of the company's name, specify the names and positions of board executives, add a selected list of famous or leading clients and so on.

"The more, the merrier"?
It is crucial to remember that the famous phrase "the more the merrier" Does NOT apply in this instance.
When you write a company profile it is essential that you focus solely on the relevant details, since, at the bottom line, writing a company's profile is an invitation to sharpen the marketing message. 


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