Copywriting and SEO

Copywriting and Search Engines – Eternal Duality in a Virtual World

Copywriting and Market Oriented Writing

Copywriting and market oriented writing are the verbal bridge, connecting the product, brand or company with its target audience.
A copywriter is able, through his talent and professional expertise, to describe the profitability and advantages of a certain product over others to the potential client, encouraging him to purchase that specific product/ service.

Copywriting is a profession of words: sharp words, witty words, bent words, pretty words, small words, large words… just words.

Search Engines Love Words
Search engines are what they seem to be. They are powerful, masculine and efficient engines, constantly searching for the right, cute and perfect word. Why? Because that is what mother keyboard and father arrow dictate to them from above.
Search engines work night and day. They are constantly ready, classifying and most of all, searching. They are searching for the most suited duality, even if only for a fraction of a moment.

A Few Words on Writing Articles
Now, when we all know what search engines are looking for, all we have left to do is write articles, advertisements, names and other elements, using the right words that search engines will love.
Sometimes it's best to write direct words, while on other occasions indirect ones are more suitable, at times it is better to broaden your argument while most of the time it is better to keep it short. On one occasion you should write a word from the same neighborhood, while other times you should use a word from a different state.
Is a short text a poetic one? Keep on reading, the practical argument waits in the following paragraph.

The Closer the Better
When you are writing an article, and want the search engines to reach the perfect words you have written, you should fill the article with words which have a resembling D.N.A.
You can find synonyms, which actually coincide, words with similar meanings in another language or even slang words.
For example: in a sentence designed to stress the importance of the element of surprise, the essence or rather the point of a certain subject, shall be written in a clear and concise manner.

Semantic Fields – The World of Match Making
Semantic fields are joint fields of different words.
For example, when we wish to bring together an intellectual search engine, with a similar word from the writing field, we shall search the writing semantic field for the right lady.
This is an area where we can find so many words. Some feminine, some masculine, and some, as in modern times… are "bi".
If a specific search engine is in an urgent need for theatrical words, we can look them up in the theatre semantic field.

Expressions Which Make Search Engines Fall In Love
Search engines, as well as humans, love common expressions. Ones we used as we were growing up. Ones that sit in the gray area of our mind, spraying rushes of adrenaline into the blood cycle, immediately inspiring a familiar and safe feeling, just at the moment we meet them again.
When you write an article, the use of familiar expressions strengthens the readers' impression, thus, allowing the search engines to perform their duties, loyally and efficiently.

Optimizing an Eternal Duality
Until the digital design messiah arrives, a time when search engines will look for web sites by color, smell and sound, search engines will go on looking for words, sentences and phrases. They will go on to refuel and empower themselves through language.
Whether the search engines are old or young, exhausted or vibrant – they will search for the correct word, the one they find most fitted, even if only for a fraction of a moment. 


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