A Slogan – A Short Sentence with a Long Term Memory

A Short Sentence
The slogan is mostly a short sentence, placed right next to the brand name.
The slogan embodies the opportunity to strengthen the brand's marketing message. Whether the copywriter chooses to write the slogan in an accurate, smart, funny, infuriating or any other manner – the purpose of the slogan remains the same; to emphasis the marketing message and verify that it remains engraved in the consciousness of the target audience.

What Type of Slogan Should I Write?
Once the question of the slogan's type is raised, endless possibilities immediately arise.
However the question remains the same, what kind of a message you wish to send? More importantly, what qualities you wish to reflect when reaching your target audience?
For example: when intellectual audience is your target , and the brand reflects these values, it is suggested to form a slogan that supports that specific sector, and send a clever, devious (in the positive sense of the word), and maybe even a surprising message encompassing numerous meanings. A slogan with more than one meaning is a highly requested one these days, since it is also easy to memorize.
Another example: when we wish to provide a brand with values like luxury, it is possible to write a slogan that compares the product to another luxurious brand, one from an entirely different field; or, we can simply write a sentence that bestows this sense of luxury indirectly. Examine some of the slogans in the world of drinks and you'll get the hang of it in a matter of seconds……

How Should I Write a Slogan?
Just as in any other creative fields, here as well, there are no laws written in stone.
When you start to write a slogan, it is extremely important to let your creativity go wild.
Whether you need to dance (all night long), drink (and don't drive), smoke (without inhaling) or meditate (without making a fuss) – or do it all at once, to enable your creativity to manifest itself, then just DO IT , write down everything, even if it seems stupid at that moment.
When you begin a brain storming process, send all cops to a coffee and donuts break. In the mean time, get wild, laugh your heart out, cry, and bang your head against the wall, but, just remember to write down everything. Even what seems to you as junk at one point, might be the flower you are searching for, the slogan just like a rare polished diamond.

A Few Ground Rules
First, keep the brand values standing in front of your eyes at all times. Second, remember the benefits that the brand provides to the target audience, and the marketing tone you are looking to use for that particular brand.
The brand values can be formed on an emotional, intellectual or any other basis.
The benefits, just as the brand values, can be emotional, intellectual or any other.
The tone and marketing language might be light, serious, frightening, funny, slang and many more. The slogan can be written as a concise or a rather long phrase.
Check your slogan with a question mark, exclamation mark, as a claim or as a stated fact.
The primary goal is to remain true to your marketing strategy and the values you wish the brand to represent.

Not on the Word Alone
The slogan must not rely on the idea, or the verbal concept alone.
When you create a slogan you must take into consideration the company logo as well and combine everything together. That is "creative" at its best. For example: when the company's logo symbols an animal, let’s say, a bird, the slogan should embody the message using original sayings that maybe include birds.
In the event of an abstract logo, it would be best to find the word that would encompass it and perfectly convey the marketing message.

Common Expressions and Clever Phrases
Other possibilities for slogans creation is hidden sometimes in the world of common expressions. Many slogans have been created, relying on a sound, a rhythm, or a meaning of common expressions, at times, even synonymous to them.
Phrases from other countries can form a fertile ground for slogans.

A Dictionary is a Treasure (of words)
When you write a slogan, you'll frequently use synonyms or analogous words in order to describe the brand values. For that purpose the thesaurus was created. No, it is not a type of dinosaur; it is a dictionary, one that is a treasure (of words). You use the thesaurus when you know the meaning of the word but you are searching for synonyms, analogue words or antonyms that can express the same.
The thesaurus provides a full gammed of possibilities for every word and topic, thus enriching the choices of your text.

Long Term Memory
The perfect slogan contains the brand values, its use, and a marketing promise to the target audience.
A slogan at its best is a short memorable sentence, engraved in the back of our long term memory cells. The conscious and unconscious memory enables the client to reach a critical decision, and perform the action we are aiming for in light of existing competition.

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