Copywriter – He Should Have a Point

A Copywriter – A Wizard of Points
A copywriter must love the infinite game with letters, words and language.
A professional with a natural talent can easily juggle with his keyboard and play with words: to bend, to wrinkle, to knead, to join and primarily to be precise. The words, on their own, create a reality and atmosphere in which the potential client performs the desired marketing activity: buying, selling or joining a customer's club.
The copywriter is the one who transforms the product and company's vision to the object of the audience's desire: he is the one who forms, with the power of words, the connection between the seller and the buyer. He weaves, with the help of marketing language, the emotional attachment between the brand and the target audience.

A Variety of Fields – Each Field has Its Own Point
A copywriter should have the delicate ability to recognize the essence, or if you will – the point, of every field on which he is supposed to write a marketing oriented text, designed to set people into action.
Each and every one of the infinite number of fields in our world, has its own basic principles which forms it, whether it is a beauty parlor or a vast real-estate firm. The copywriter must be able to identify these principles and use them in order to form a relevant, persuasive language that would set buyers into action.

Puenta searches for the Use
Beyond the level of understanding the product, brand or company; the copywriter's job is to reflect to future clients the use they can derive from the brand. Whether it is a financial, emotional, social or mental use; it is always and most definitely – the bottom line. Clients tend to examine the use they can derive from one product or another, in other words, "what's in it for them".
Take a look, for example, of brands which lead unprecedented campaigns and create a reality where buyers are emotionally attached to the brand due to its advantages: status, beauty, curving, health, success and more. Each of these advertisement campaigns supports the marketing strategy which highlights the use, and the advantages one derives from buying the brand.

Puenta Goes Out for Coffee
Coffee Houses enclose a number of possibilities for advertising their marketing message; they can glorify the exquisite quality of their coffee, the added and special ingredients or the special ambiance they embody.
In the event where the target crowd is one of coffee fanatics, the message shall highlight the quality of its coffee. That is the main attraction this specific audience seeks. That is the point that would stimulate their taste buds and speak to them.
Yet, in the event that the coffee's quality is merely a secondary benefit, while the scenery or ambiance is the essence, it is extremely important to design a clear message that states the advantages of the ambiance. This is the point that every publication should send, in any media, at any time.

Puenta Seeks Unity
People tend to become rather easily attached to products and companies which send a unified message.
Thus, when you choose a marketing direction, or, in other words "a marketing strategy", you should maintain a unified message.
After designing your point, you should verify that it sends a constant and continuous unified message. This would enable your marketing message to penetrate the consciousness of your target audience, create a sense of security and leave the biggest and most effective impact.

The End Point
Whether you'll hire a copywriter or write your own marketing oriented texts, you should pay attention to the following aspects:
• What is the primary benefit that customers will derive from your product or firm?
• What is the point of the product or company you advertise?
• What is your advantage as opposed to your competitors? (Quality, price or other)
• How can a customer differentiate you from your competitors?
• Does your marketing tone suit your target audience?
• Is your marketing message unified?

Point of the Day
A copywriter must be in love with points, and it is NOT the points at the end of a sentence. He is the one who weaves with his magic wand the connection between the client and the product, using the right words.
Whether you use the services of a copywriter or write your own marketing message, you should enable the written points to stand in front of your eyes throughout the wonderful journey of brain storming, strategy formation and marketing oriented writing.
And that is the point of the day.

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