The point behind Puenta…
Welcome to Puenta – copywriting, marketing oriented writing, ideas and more…
Puenta was established by Asaf Gofer, a copywriter and marketing oriented writer, after writing and phrasing extensively for company owners and private business people, from brand vision through company profiles, web site content and adverting campaigns. 

Busines Assosiates
Puenta has business associates in numerous fields, including: design, interactive, translators, linguistic editors and marketing oriented writers.

An advertised advantage
Published words create a marketing advantage.
In the age of global communication, when business competition is stronger than ever, it is important to set a strong, precise and targeted marketing message, a message that is noticed and impossible to ignore.

In order to achieve an advantage, every printed word counts.

Puenta presents: copywriting and marketing oriented writing which provide a marketing advantage even when facing your toughest competitors.

Perfectionism is not a swear word
Puenta approaches each project, on every scale, with full intent, professionalism and enthusiasm; When you want to create an advantage, perfectionism is not a swear word.

A variety of clients
Puenta has a varied clientele which includes professionals and companies from numerous fields including: branding companies, digital and interactive design, marketing consultants, diamond trade, real estate and law.
Each client is unique, and yet, they all share a common goal – to create a marketing message that drives their target audiences to buy, sell or join a specific customer club.

Professionalism is personal
Direct communication has no substitutes. Puenta provides its clients with professional, personal and uncompromised service.